12 Nov

Last year for Veterans Day 2011 I was in a the Washington, D.C. Veterans Day parade.  Being a 2 time Iraq war Veteran, marching in support of all veterans past & present, was one of the greatest feelings I could have felt.  The sense of pride while marching in uniform was unimaginable, the goose bumps that fled through my body, knowing that I among so many others support this great place we all call home.

This veterans day 2012 parade was held in New York City.  But because Hurricane Super Storm Sandy and all that she destructed this year, I chose not to participate in the march.  However, as my creative side emerged, I had this great idea of spending my Veterans Day making an American Flag out of old fencing that Ashley & I took off his Uncle & Aunts hands.  It was trash & just sitting in the way, so I have taken it and used it for our home decor.

Needless to say, all for less than $20 I made this nice wall decor out of old fencing and exterior red, white & blue paint.

This 13 Colonies American Flag will hang in my living room for the pure remembrance of what Veterans Day means to me.

Yesterday I also made a mini Thanksgiving Dinner for Ashley and I.  This was because he and I will not be together on Thanksgiving this year.  With my parents moving up here to PA, it just so happens to be next week, which is when Thanksgiving is.  This only goes to show me more and more how Thankful I am for the family & friends I have in my life.

Love Life, Come as you are.

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2 Responses to “11/11/12”

  1. Mia November 20, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    Jenn, that looks amazing!!!! You should make more and sell them. To me, your first customer. ;) And thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving card, hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving as well! xo

    • Jenn I Am! November 27, 2012 at 9:32 am #

      Thank you Mia! I have a nitch for crafts, but I don’t know if I would sell them. Some of the crafts that I do are so time consuming! But if you would like one, I think I might do that. Its big, so it might have to be a lunch date to get it to you! :)

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